Sunday, January 2, 2011

new goals!

weekly mileage (biking and running):  122
time:  11:36
calories burned:  5301
total workouts:  10

well, 2010 was pretty good to me i reckon.  i joined the Daily Mile.  logged over 3,000 miles in 9 months between biking and running.  i climbed 8 of the biggest peaks in Colorado, putting my 14,000 foot peak total up to 47 (w/ some repeats).  participated in 18 races, including 7 marathons and 4 ultramarathons.  tried my hand at triathlons this year as well and had a blast w/ those too. 
but accomplishments are nothing to me.  really, they're not.  no one really cares but me.  and i'm not going to spend my time patting myself on my back.  i do one thing and then move on to the next thing.  but the start of the new year always makes me over-analyze my Life and i always wonder if i'm reaching my full potential or if i'm just half-assing it.  i always set goals for myself for the next year, write them down and review them at the end of the year.  when you first write them down they seem impossible and scary but then after you're done, well it was never that bad and usually kinda fun.  but this year, i think i'm also going to start setting goals for myself for the next five years as well.  goals that involve bigger things than the little world of endurance events that i have set up for myself w/in the next year.  otherwise i may never go anywhere...
this is my Life.  solipsistic as it may be.  this is why i don't have kids.  this is why i never got married.  i don't have time.  i train.  sometimes i write.  but whatever my focus at that time is, i put everything into it.  and anything that gets in the way of my routine is just in my way.  i have goals this year and i plan to attain them.  and i'd like to see anyone try and stop me.  i hope that you have high standards for your Life as well.  and i hope that you achieve your goals against all odds w/ no one in your corner.  b/c that's how you really get to know yourself.  and that's when Life means the most...


  1. Prove it?!? I guess I'm working on that.... and btw... is it weird for me to say that I miss seeing you? Because I do!