Saturday, June 15, 2013

aimlessly suffering

Biked to work.  That is all. 

Picked up Rita and headed for the hills at 7am.  Your plan was to tag Bear and Green twice each.  You made it to Green twice.  Bear, once.  You slipped and fell on top of Bear, bruising your right glute muscle.  Made the rest of the run uncomfortable.  Plus you had to rush Rita to the airport.  And she still missed her flight.  At least you got your 16 miles w/ 6,000 ft. 

Ran 11.8 miles b/f work. 
Bike to and from work.  9 miles. 
Ran Green Mountain Lakewood.  Legs a little tired. 

Worked 12.5.  Ran 4.8 at Lair O the Bear.  Then another 5.6 at Sanitas / Shadow canyon.  Tired.  Writing bills.  The only people that call or come over are the landlord or the cops.  It’s hot.  You’ve been heat training at work.  It was 95 yesterday.  98 today.  You drove around w/ the windows up and the heat cranked and blowing on your face.  Sweat like a mother.

Today, B #3 sent the cops to your work, looking for you. Just to ask you a couple of questions.  Sometimes you hate Colorado as much as you love it. 
7.83 miles after work. 

Picked up Rita from the airport and as soon as she could see Long’s Peak and you told her that it was the biggest around, she wanted to climb it.  How cool!
You both made it to about 13,000 feet but her altitude sickness and your nervousness of avalanches made you turn back.  You stopped and thought about it but you both really needed ice axes and what you are walking on is not safe at all.  You think you made the right move.  12 miles and almost 5,000 vert feet!

5.47 miles up and down Green Mountain.  2,500 vert feet.  Not much time for running.  Busy talking to cops all day thanks to B #3.  Pussy!

Bike 9.  Kind of a rest day.  B #3 moved everything out.  You are in shock.  And happy. 

You and Rox make the drive into Boulder and park at Chat.  Run up Green and make the traverse over to Bear Peak.  You are pretty numb all day due to recent events in your life.  Physically you feel great.  Mentally, you are just trying to hold it together.  You are just putting energy into training and running.  That’s really all there is, at this point. 
11 miles.
Nearly 5,000 vertical feet.
3 hrs.
7.41 miles w/ some push ups and jumping squats thrown in.  Saw a beautiful sunset behind Long’s Peak!

Quick 3.85 morning run.  Tired but you just want to get things movin. 
Bike 4.5 to work.
Run up Green Mountain (Lakewood) for lunch break.  You PR by about 7 minutes.  When you reach the summit the floodgates open.  It sure seems like God is talking to you and giving you answers about recent prayers and concerns.  It’s so emotional you break down and cry and you find yourself happier than you’ve been in quite a while.  You bomb down. 
Bike 4.5 home.

Bike to work. 
Run 3.87 miles at Lair ‘O the Bear as a break from work while driving out in the mountains.  It’s really nice running w/ no shirt in the AM. 
Work 12 hours.
Bike home.
Take care of some business, couple errands. 
Run 9.17 at Davidson Mesa.  You averaged 7:30s w/ a 6:40 and a 6:30 dropped in there. 
Big ol salad for dinner!

Monday.  Run 10.8.  Bike 9 mile commute to and from work.  Listen to Rich Roll Podcast.  There are two episodes that he interviews Mishka Shibala.  I like those two the best.  Also listened to Joey ‘Coco’ Diaz and The Church of What’s Happening. 

AM:  7.54 miles
PM:  8.23miles

Brenden picks you up at 2:30 on the dot.  You begin easy conversation, not really knowing each other at all.  There is more snow up there than you imagined, wearing shorts and trail runners.  You brought your microspikes and it was a good thing you did.  But you should have brought pants and something gor-tex.  And warmer gloves.  And a winter hat.  But as usual you just march on up to the top w/out enough gear, bound and determined to just hammer it out and get the thing done no matter what.  You haven’t been up this high since last year and the altitude is effecting you for sure.  In fact you’re really struggling.  Why?  Are you out of shape?  Or is it just the fact that you are here on no sleep, marching up for the grandest sunrise view of all?  Brended passed and offered to break trail.  Then he just took off and you couldn’t even keep up w/ him.  And you’re the ultrarunner.  How is that possible?  Off he goes and he summits four or five minutes b/f you.  It crushes you a little.  You buy him breakfast and he drives you home.  You spend the rest of the day in a sleepless funk.  Half watching tv, half not.  Not really doing much of anything. 

A horrible day.  Rotten from the start.  Everything is wrong and no one understands what you mean.  You go way out of your way several times throughout the day for nothing.  You waste a lot of time.  Wasting time makes you grumpy.  The volunteer work you were supposed to do the next day falls through.  Everything falls apart.  But as bad as your day is, when you get home you see a guy that you met the other day.  He wants to climb all the 14ers this summer and he says he’s doing Quandary tomorrow.  You randomly decide to tag along.  He says he’ll pick you up at 2:30am.  That inspires you to go for a 7.8 mile run around the hood and just stay up all night getting shit done.  Getting shit done son.  

Rest days just make you grumpy. 

You only get a mile into your run when the skies open up and the lightning sends you home.  2 miles total.  Woo hoo.
You run up and down Green Mountain (Lakewood).  It’s about four miles w/ 800ish feet of vert. 

You get up b/f anyone else and run 10.
Later that day you take your niece and sister up an 8,000 plus foot mountain.  Just a wee little 500 feet of gain.

Bells at 4am.  Your sister is in town and she signed up for her first race, the Boulder Boulder 10k.  It’s not easy b/c it’s at 5,000 feet plus elevation.  She made it w/out walking a step.  She pushed and loved every minute of it.  You were glad to be a part of her first (and hopefully not LAST) race. 

This run ain’t gonna run itself!
From home, headed out to the McCaslin trails.  They’re flat and crushed limestone.  You wear the Hokas to make sure your body is feeling alright and then go for it.  Tired and slow.  10.9  miles…

JMP wanted to run and you went w/ her.  Just a neighborhood run of about 4.5 miles.   After you got home, you packed up and headed out on the bike.  The bike ride was rough b/c you were wearing split shorts and trail running shoes (w/ clipless pedals).  You got it done.  Biked to Chatauqua and ran the entire Mesa trail.  You wanted to snag Bear Peak too but you were running out of water.  You begged some water off the Ranger and biked on home.  Decent little day…
Run 18 miles, 3,049 feet
Bike 20 miles, 3,69 feet

Work.  Work 13 hours.  Run 2.5 somewhere throughout the day.  Do 100 push ups, sit ups, and squats somewhere throughout the day.  At a random park.  You are so tired you usually can’t see.  After work you have to pick up a box spring.  It’s 10:30pm by the time you get home.  You left at 7:30am.  What’s happening?  You’re welcome. 

14 miles from apartment.
Stretch, meditate, foam roll, eat.

Run 11.18 miles from the apartment.
Run Green Mountain (Lakewood) as a break from work.  Have never been here.  Just head up the biggest hill around.  Run all the way to the top and then bomb down.  Had a BLAST and felt great.  You needed this run!  5ish miles w/ 900ish feet. 

9 mile bike commute.
Work 15 hours.  You listen to The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron and it blows your mind. 
Run 7 miles while out in Evergreen.  Lair O The Bear.  Nice trails out here.  880 feet. 

Run commute to work.  You don’t enjoy running on concrete w/ a heavy backpack.  9 miles.

10 miles the day after a 50k in the mountains.  And the run feels great!  Playful and progressive.  Just a nice cruise that has you smiling the whole time.  Foam roll and stretch out afterwards.  Feeling great!

You don’t sleep after the big mountain night.  Part of the training is definitely to stay up throughout the day and be tired.  Preferably on your feet.  But you eat a lot!