Sunday, January 23, 2011

who's down?

so, it wasn't a huge week in terms of mileage but i feel a lot stronger going into next week.  messed around w/ my new friend "the backpack".  the backpack is filled w/ a few of my old friends.  mostly, my favorite authors that happened to write BIG books.  Thomas Wolfe wrote some monsters.  the Russian guys always wrote books that were at least a thousand pages.  so, Dostoevsky and Tolstoy are now coming along w/ me on some of my night runs.  some of these books changed my Life, moved me to tears, made me angry, gave me courage and in some ways made me a man.  it's only fitting now that i am using them to make me stronger.  and stronger.  and stronger...

                                                           my number one training partner.

but what i really want is to be healthy enough to be able to compete this year.  not just do the event to say i did it but to actually push myself beyond the beyonds and come up w/ some decent times.  assuming i don't get injured along the way, of course. 

i've been coming up w/ little challenges for myself lately.  just to keep me motivated.  and i'm always looking for friends who are willing to suffer along w/ me.  i would be thrilled if anyone would be so inclined to join me for any of the following challenges that i hope to do w/in the next few months.  this may sound crazy.  but everyone is capable of so much more than they will ever know.  and besides...misery loves company??

1.  i'm calling it the 4/4/48.
     run 4 miles every 4 hours for 48 hours.
2.  30/30/3
     run 30 miles and drink 30 beers all w/in 3 days.
3.  1000 push-ups in a day.
4.  i plan to run 36 miles on my 36th birthday.  join me for part of it!  join me for all of it!
5.  24 hours on the bike trainer.

who's up for it?  who's down?  who's got crazy idears for me?  set crazy goals.  make the myths!

cowards never started and the weak died along the way.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

The People Look Like Flowers At Last.

i've had BIG WEEKEND on my calendar for a while now, referring to THIS weekend.  BIG WEEKEND means BIG MILEAGE.  i planned on running a lot but i've been having this calf muscle issue thing so decided to hit the bike trainer and spin bike rather than wussing out altogether. 

weekly mileage 287
miles on the bike 258
miles run 29
hours 21:08
workouts 9

all in all i feel pretty good, considering i was on the bike for over 6 hours today.  14.5 hours the whole weekend.  there is no rest day.  tomorrow, i'll wake up and go for a run.  that's how i get down.  maybe next time i'll do an all nighter.  oh, and by the way...i have BIG YEAR on my calendar too!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

new tattoo

this weeks board says:

miles run: 11
miles on bike:  157
miles swam:  2.5
total workouts for week: 13
time: 13.41

pretty big week.  was totally whooped by mid-week and one of my four mile runs was torture.  couldn't pick legs up and chest felt like it was going to explode.  so that means i grew this week.  i rested up a bit and then got right back after it.  got some ink work done yesterday by my good bud Jon Boy at Tailor Made Tattoo.  was a little leery about wearing the running tights and putting some miles in today.  but next week i hope to get more running miles in.  and i hope to put a big weekend together next weekend w/ lots of running miles.  fingers crossed!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

new goals!

weekly mileage (biking and running):  122
time:  11:36
calories burned:  5301
total workouts:  10

well, 2010 was pretty good to me i reckon.  i joined the Daily Mile.  logged over 3,000 miles in 9 months between biking and running.  i climbed 8 of the biggest peaks in Colorado, putting my 14,000 foot peak total up to 47 (w/ some repeats).  participated in 18 races, including 7 marathons and 4 ultramarathons.  tried my hand at triathlons this year as well and had a blast w/ those too. 
but accomplishments are nothing to me.  really, they're not.  no one really cares but me.  and i'm not going to spend my time patting myself on my back.  i do one thing and then move on to the next thing.  but the start of the new year always makes me over-analyze my Life and i always wonder if i'm reaching my full potential or if i'm just half-assing it.  i always set goals for myself for the next year, write them down and review them at the end of the year.  when you first write them down they seem impossible and scary but then after you're done, well it was never that bad and usually kinda fun.  but this year, i think i'm also going to start setting goals for myself for the next five years as well.  goals that involve bigger things than the little world of endurance events that i have set up for myself w/in the next year.  otherwise i may never go anywhere...
this is my Life.  solipsistic as it may be.  this is why i don't have kids.  this is why i never got married.  i don't have time.  i train.  sometimes i write.  but whatever my focus at that time is, i put everything into it.  and anything that gets in the way of my routine is just in my way.  i have goals this year and i plan to attain them.  and i'd like to see anyone try and stop me.  i hope that you have high standards for your Life as well.  and i hope that you achieve your goals against all odds w/ no one in your corner.  b/c that's how you really get to know yourself.  and that's when Life means the most...