Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas week

weekly mileage: 74
time: 6:47
calories: 3144

slow week.  i never work out much around the holidays.  i'll pick it up after the first of the year.  i'm really looking forward to getting back into some training and logging some serious miles. 
i did manage to paint two pictures this week.  wrote a bit too.  so that's a bonus.  Life is always good when i can find that balance.  did i mention i can't wait to get some serious miles in?  one more week of leisure efforts.  been reading a book by one of my new favs.  Haruki Murakami. 
really enjoying it so far.  there's so many things i can relate to in the book already.  it's almost serendipitous.  so i guess i'll keep reading.  cheers.

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