Monday, April 8, 2013


150 push ups, 150 squats, 200 crunches, 50 down and ups, leg extensions, leg curls, shoulder press, bike 21.4 miles and run 1 mile.
2 Hummus wraps, 1 pint of ice cream.

Hike Mount Sanitas.  3.3 miles w/ 1,400 ft of gain. 
Today is your last day working at the Boulder Running Company.  You hug it out w/ everyone and say your goodbyes.  All great folks that you hope will keep in touch.  You plan to make it a point to visit them often. 
Run Mount Sanitas.  3.3 miles w/ 1,400 ft of gain. 
27 minutes to the top.
14 minutes down. 
Total time—41 minutes 10 seconds.  Picnic table to picnic table.  You run up and down faster than you really ever have.  Just to get a feel for it gives you such a high.  The endorphins help, of course.  You feel great about this run all night.  B #2 cooks pork chops, rice and broccoli.  Afterwards you’re still starving.  You eat 2 more gigantic hummus wraps and a half bag of Doritos.

Busy day.  After work you barely have time to do 100 push ups, 100 crunches, 100 squats and run Roxy 1.5 miles.  That’s it. 

After working a long day, you just want to go to the gym, run 8 miles on the tready and do 100 down and ups and 100 crunches and call it a day.  But that’s impossible when your roommate is having another party.  Now granted, the man can cook, especially when he’s drinking.  So it’s nice that they have steak, rice and salad ready for you when you get home from the gym.  But bed is something that’s not going to be happening for a while.  At least not tonight…

You have a full day of trying to get your finances together and find ways to save money.  You make a lot of phone calls and by noon you are full of green tea and angst, so you put some shorts on and hit the trails.  You run up Green Mountain and back.  It’s about 10 miles w/ 1,900 ft.  Couple hours.  You return home, feeling better.  You finish your calls and end up feeling good about your day.  JMP calls and says she feels like margaritas.  You are done exercising for the day and after finding out just how broke you really are, you could use a drAAAnk.  You both have the three margarita limit and walk home.  You are both happy and scream:
Here we are world!

Work 10.5 hours.
After work you go to the gym.  You rush to get 10 hard miles on the bike and a 1 mile brick run.  Not much but it’s all you have time for. 
You’re tired.  You have nothing else to say…

Work 11.5 hours.
REST.  No exercise today.  Now that it’s April, it’s time to up the ante.  In March, you did over 1,500 push ups, over 1,500 squats and ran a little bit too.  In April, you are going for 100 push ups a day.  100 squats a day.  100 crunches a day.  And run everyday after today’s rest day. 

Mondays are relatively easy for you.  Work is only about seven hours.  Afterwards, you have enough daylight to leash up Roxy and head to Mount Sanitas.  It’s about a ten miler from the apartment w/ 1,400 ft of gain and just as much descent.  You climb the east ridge which you’d never done b/f.  The run feels really good.  You feel strong.  The legs take a while to respond but when they do, they do so nicely. 
At night you find out some bad news.  You owe the IRS a lot of money.  You don’t know what you’re going to do.  Should you stay up all night worrying?  Eh, maybe tomorrow…

You bike half way out to Estes.  JMP and Nica meet you for a picnic.  It’s Easter and everyone has the day off.  You hate Easter.  A few years back, on Easter weekend, you were up all night putting the final touches on one of your books.  You wrote almost ten thousand words that night.  Your plan was to print up that draft and then you’d have a hard copy to correct.  You hit the print button and all 350 pages of the book disappeared right b/f your eyes.  It was suddenly nowhere on the computer.  You pretty much had a nervous breakdown right then and there.  It was as close to losing a child as you’d ever come.  You cried for days.  You had family over for Easter that year and it felt awful.  You wanted to die.  You’d never been so sad. 
You and JMP and Nica have a few beers at Oscar Blues and they give you a ride back.  Only 25 miles for the day.  What a failure.  You get home and there are people at your place and everyone is drinking and playing cards.  You join them.  The day quickly falls through your fingertips…

Work for eight hours.  One of the team members has cancer and it has spread throughout his entire body.  He is a little older.  Nice gentleman.  Has traveled and lived around the world.  Just bought himself a 29er mountain bike w/ big aspirations to do some racing.  It’s pretty sad.  We can go at any time.  You know that.  Others are confused.  They cry and ask / WHY? / and you wonder if they think about death at all.  Why?  Well, because ALL of us are going to die.  You think about it all the time.  Friends, dead.  Family, dead.  Call it morbid but everyone is going to die.  That’s what you were born to do.  There is 100% chance.  It’s just part of Life.  It’s just as beautiful as Life.
After work you run a few laps around the lake.
You go home and go to the gym.  Weights, core, elliptical, stretch and roll.  You go home and there is a very loud party going on.  They are all walking black outs.  You go to JMP’s house and sleep on the hard floor.

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