Friday, March 29, 2013


Work 11.5 hours. 
Run 1 mile, weights and core.
Swim 1000 yards, sauna.

You wake up and made a little breakfast.  You leash up Roxy and head out to look for about 20-25 miles.  This is in preparation for a 50k that you plan to run in a month.  Most of that race is pretty runable and even though you want to just bag peaks all day, you choose a route that’s a bit more manageable.  You choose to run the Mesa Trail from your apartment.  The Mesa trail is about 13 miles back and forth.  You live about 5 miles from the trailhead.  It’s a beautiful day.  Warm enough for shorts and a t shirt.  It’s a 4 hr 15 min run when all was said and done.  You have wet muddy feet for most of the day.  Roxy is in mud heaven.  And you end up w/ 2010 ft of vert gain.  And you end up w/ just shy of 22 miles.  You fueled w/ :
2 Pocket Fuels
2 Baby food (the kind you can just eat like a gel)
1 Gu
2 liters of water
In the PM you go to dinner w/ a couple of friends.  You can’t stop eating.  The three of you watch the movie version of On the Road.  You’d been wanting to see it.  That book changed your Life.  That was the first book that opened your eyes to the fact that you can just write about whatever you want in whatever words you want.  You can make up your own language and talk about all the things that people are scared to say.  When you found out that books like that existed, you searched for more books like that and that journey has been ongoing ever since.  Kerouac led you to so many other authors.  Kerouac is still one of your favorites and The Sunterraneans and The Dharma Bums are a couple of your all time favorite books.  You can’t imagine your Life w/out discovering those books. 

Today is an easy day at the gym.  You are saving yourself for tomorrow.  Today, you did a lot of abs and core work, rows, pull ups and tricep kickbacks and pushdowns.  Then you go out to a little Irish bar to meet some friends.  You don’t have a drop.  You’re saving yourself for tomorrow…

Up at 3:30 am.  You go home, pack a bag for a day of work and leave the apartment by 4:30 am.  You get the feeling B #2 is getting tired of taking care of Roxy.  You are either always working, or at JMP’s and there’s no dogs allowed there.  You head to work and drive in the mountains for 10.5 hours.  You see lots of elk and gray fox.  At about 10 am the cryptic and angry text messages begin.  What would Buddha do?  Or Jesus?  Or the Dali Lama? 
You go for a 7 mile run w/ Roxy right after you get home.  When you get back from your run is the time that the neighbors are usually all outside w/ their dogs.  B #2 is always w/ them.  Afterwards, they either drink all night or they don’t.  Tonight, they’re already drinking.  You can feel the vibe.  He’s been talking about you.  They are all looking at you.  But you are feeling so good after the run, you won’t let them get you down. 
Hey! / you yell at them, beaming ear to ear. 
They stand there.  Heads low.  Hands in pockets.  Looking at you like you’re an alien. 
What a nice evening! / you yell and head straight upstairs.  You imagine they’re laughing at your Hokas.  You imagine they’re laughing at your running tights.  No matter.  Kill them w/ kindness.  Kill them w/ kindness…
He wants you to buy dog food, you buy the dog food.  He wants light bulbs, you buy him light bulbs.  He wants the $20 you owe him from god knows what, you pay him w/ a smile.  You do everything he is trying to bully you to do and do it immediately and w/ kindness.  You buy him a 12 pack of his favorite beer and put it in the fridge w/out saying anything.  You want to be kindness and love, not knee jerk reactions and anger.  This is just a test.  You want people to look at you and see love.  You may be a long way away from that, but that is the goal.  You are manifesting God and love into your Life on a daily basis.  So when someone texts you or says something nasty and is just looking for a response, either don’t respond or respond w/ love.  You have to.  You feel it inside.  You know you are supposed to be the example for everyone else to see.  You are the alien.  You are the missionary…
You go to the gym.  When you are 25 minutes into your bike ride, you get the text:
Hey bro, I really appreciate the beer and everything you did today.  I hope you’re not mad at me or something.  We’re downstairs drinking if you want to chill man.  Or let me know if I pissed you off.  Have a good one
So you feel like you won the battle.  Somehow.  Not that any of it matters.  But if feels like you are headed in the right direction…

Your Achilles is a little sore at work. You wear your compression socks and don’t sweat it.  You know you’ll roll out and ice after work and you have the confidence that this injury is finally on the downslope. 
By the time you’re done w/ work it feels good and you head to the gym for an easy workout.  3 miles on the tready, stretch, roll, sauna while massaging leg. 

One hour drive.
You fit people for running shoes, give running advice, congratulate on races, wish luck on upcoming races, tell a few of your own stories for six hours. 
Run 7 / 7:00 min. miles w/ Danny after work.  He’s a fast little sucker.  While you are running he asks:
Have you ever eaten at Larkburger?
Wanna go to Larkburger after we run?
You thought about it but just weren’t that hungry.
Na, I’ll pass this time man.  Maybe next time. 
After the run, you go to Barnes and Nobel to change out of wet running clothes and get a hot tea to warm yourself up.  Suddenly you got these crazy hunger pains out of nowhere.  You were starving. 
I’m going to Larkburger / you tell yourself. 
Then you drive the hour home.  You love coming over the hill and seeing Boulder shimmering in the distance at night.  It feels like home now.  It feels like a hug.  It feels more welcoming than any other place you’ve ever been b/f. 
Later on you watch This is 40 w/ B #2 while foam rolling, stretching and icing.  Pretty funny movie…

Starting to feel better.  Have a snow day and don’t feel good enough to head out to the mountains w/ the snowshoes like you wished you did.  But you feel good enough to get to the gym and do 4 on the elliptical and 1 on the mill.  After that you do your push ups and squats and then foam roll the legs.  Come home and do 125 decline push ups, 125 squats, 250 crunches and 5 minutes worth of wall sits. 

Sick.  Sick of being sick.  Worked 12 hours today.  Going to bed at 8 pm so I can make it to work tomorrow.  No run today. 

100 days out from Western States 100.  This is where it gets real. 
You’re still sick but you forced yourself out the door today for a little run.  2.83 miles.  It felt good to get outside.  Forced the 50 push ups and 50 squats.  Foam and rumble rolled.  You were sick through your whole weekend.  Wiped right off the map.  Tomorrow is Friday but it’s your Monday. 
Training is going well, other than being sick.  You rested most of today.  Watched the movie The Master and LOVED it.  It was dark on SO many levels.  Tonight you are going out to see The Pines at a club called E-Town. 

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