Monday, April 29, 2013

week b/f Cheyenne Mountain 50k

Work 12.  You listen to at least 6 different podcasts while driving around the back country mountain roads.  The Joe Rogan Experience, Think Tank w/ Ari Shaffir, The Church of What’s Happening w/ Joey Diaz, Smodcast w/ Kevin Smith and Scott Mosier, The Duncan Trussel Experience and the Drunken Taoist.  These guys are your friends and they keep you company on the long drives and the long runs.  You go home and pack up for the weekend.  Go to JMP’s and eat and crash.  50k in the morning!

Your day off.  You don’t feel comfortable really at all at home these days.  So you wake up and pack up for the day and go to the store and get some breakfast and go over to JMP’s and make a leisurely breakfast while she’s at work.  You lounge and let the food settle and then head out for a little 6 mile jaunt along the creek path.  Spend the rest of the day w/ your nose in a book. 
You’ll be moving soon.  In another few weeks, you’ll be moving to Louisville.  It’s much smaller than Boulder but only 15 minutes out of town.  The rent is way cheaper b/c it’s further from the mountains.  You’re willing to compromise.  You’ll be saving so much money in rent and Louisville seems like a great little town and was voted the best place to live in the country three different years.  You’re ready to start the next chapter of your Life.  You’re ready to dump the roommate.  You don’t think you’ll be talking to him after you move.  You hate it but it’s the truth.  You want to stay on his good side in case mail etc. comes to the apartment.  You’ve seen him rip up important tax documents etc. that came w/ his old roommates name on it. 
Uh, he’s an asshole / and he rips it to shreds and throws in out w/ no second thought. 
He’s a dog abuser.  Not much more.  Even now that he’s not taking care of your dog, it’s still considered abuse as far as you’re concerned b/c when you work 14 hour days, he doesn’t check on her, give her water or anything.  And it’s sad but you reckon he’d rather do that than beat her.  Have you mentioned you’re looking forward to starting the next chapter of your Life?

After work, you and Roxy run up Mount Sanitas from the trailhead.  It’s only about 3.2 miles but the vert slows you down a lot.  24 minutes up and about 14 down.  Tappering back a little for the Cheyenne Mountain 50k this weekend.

13.5 hours of work doesn’t leave much time for exercise.  B#2 is in jail for a couple of days b/c he punched some dude in January.  It’s nice to have the place to yourself, even if it is just for two or three days.  JMP makes some fantastic stuffed peppers and you don’t hold back. 

You listen to the audiobook Look Homeward Angel while working today.  You hope you’ll still find everything you loved about Thomas Wolfe when you’d first read all of his stuff nearly a decade ago.  After just a few chapters in, you are convinced.  He stands as one of the greatest writers of all time.  His novels are pure poetry.  You’ll never, ever get over Thomas Wolfe. 
JMP needed some help straightening her landlord out after you get off work today.  It’s a pleasure. 
45 minutes of easy weights, stretching, foam rolling.
3 miles.  1 @ 8, 2 @ 7
One hour of Vinyassa Flow yoga. 
And you came home to a quiet apartment.  Ahhh…

Slow start to the day.  You take Rox to the park, eat breakfast, eat lunch, have some caffeine.  All of this b/f you finally get out for a run.  It’s a lackadaisical 10 miles.  You have a beer afterwards in the trailhead parking lot. 

It’s Saturday.  It’s supposed to be your day off but you volunteered to go in and help out.  You bike it in.  15.5 miles each way.  You only work a little over 3 hours. 
It’s the loneliest day of your Life.  You talk to no one.  No one talks to you.  During the week you drive.  In the PM, you train.  On the weekends, well…you train and work.

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