Saturday, March 9, 2013

Western States Training Week 1

There’s not enough snow to go snowshoeing yet, so you head to the gym.  You run 7 on the treadmill and are praying the whole time for the snow to keep a comin down.  Just as you are showering up, you get the text.  The roads are bad and the snow isn’t going to stop for hours.  Take the day off!  You enjoy a leisurely morning around the apartment w/ the dogs.  Roomy is out plowing the streets of Denver.  You clean up the aftereffects of last night and practice some breathing and meditation.  You foam roll and rumble roll your legs.  The hammy issue from a few days ago is gone, thanks to the trigger point rumble roller.  It’s painful but it works. 
You take the dogs up Mount Sanitas.  It’s less than four miles but it’s almost all straight up and straight down.  The snow comes down in blankets.  You and the dogs blend right in w/ the white landscape…
You stop at a pub for lunch.  And you spend most of the rest of the day sitting in front of the fireplace w/  Herman Hesse.  You are reading Steppenwolf.  You just recently read Sidhartha and were blown away.  In fact, you read it twice…

You work a long day.  You drive for 13 hours.  Your body is tired.  You decide to make it an easy day so you can do a bigger effort tomorrow.  You do your bare minimum, run a mile and do 50 push ups and 50 squats. 
That night, a couple of the neighbors come over and your roommate is cooking food.  He can cook.  The more he drinks the better his meals are.  Everyone is drinking.  You are not.  You are really looking forward to a run in the morning.  There is supposed to be a foot of snow w/in the next 24 hours or so.  So the run may be on the tready…

You wake up pretty late but it’s okay b/c it’s your day off.  You get dressed and put air in the tires of your road bike.  Today’s ride is going to be on an empty stomach so you grab a couple of gels.  You head out to Lyon’s which turns out to be just a beautiful ride w/ plenty of other roads to bike around out there.  You want hills, you go west.  You want flat, you go east.  You live in such a beautiful place, you constantly have to remind yourself…you live here!
Lyons is 15 miles away.  You stop at a little coffee house and purchase a green tea.  You sit in the sun and eat both gels and drink your tea.  And then you ride home, faster than you rode there. 
You go to the gym. 
Leg press:
90 lbs 15x
180 lbs 12x
270 lbs 10x
360 lbs 8x twice
DB press:
45 lbs 10 x
50 lbs  10x
Military Press:
40 lbs 8x  four sets
Run 1 mile at 8:00 min.
Power yoga w/ Tammy.  1 hour. 

Heil Ranch doesn’t allow dogs.  Neither does Hall Ranch.  So you end up taking a long drive towards Brainard Lake.  You and the dogs run up the Sourdough Trail.  There’s a lot of snow on the ground but it’s warm enough to wear shorts.  It’s only a five mile jaunt but it started at 9,000 feet of elevation and went up to 10-something.  It’s a beautiful day.  

You come home and rumble roll the piss out of your legs. 

Tuesdays are LONG work days for you.  Today you are able to sneak out and run a short 2.66 miles at the Alderfer/Three Sisters Medley trail in Evergreen.  There is snow on the ground but you are able to run in shorts and a t shirt. 
After work, you do your 50 push ups and 50 squats.  After your legs are warmed up you spend time w/ the foam roller and the rumble roller.  Your right hammy has been bugging you, ever since you’ve been running again.  You ice your Achilles. 

7 miles on the tready b/f work.
Work 7.5 hours.
50 push ups and 50 squats and J’s house while she is watching tv. 

After work you take Roxy for a little spin around the hood.  About 3 miles, 8:00 min/miles.  Absolutely pain free!  On concrete, w/out the Hokas, w/out KT tape.  Feeling great!  So happy you could cry…
The Chinese healer really did heal your Achilles.  A ten month injury.  She said the injury stemmed from your back.  She worked you over.  One of the more painful hours of your Life.  She told you to come back slow.  You are coming back from five weeks of NO running. 
Also, 50 push ups,50 squats.

Drove down past Denver and met w/ DG for a little run up Deer Creek Canyon b/f work.  6 miles total.  3 up, 3 down.  39 min up and 33 down. 
Work 8 hours.  Roxy got to come to work w/ you today.  She ran around and greeted customers for a while.  She did great!
200 push ups
8 min worth of wall sits
800 sit ups or crunches

120 days until Western States 100.  The base has been established.  Time to start ramping up the training.
Today you ran 1 mile.  It was a huge climb.  Not THAT huge, obviously.  But it was in the middle of your work day and a hill you’d been wanting to run for a few weeks now.  You see it every Friday when you’re down in Castle Rock.  You’re resting the legs for a short trail run tomorrow w/ D b/f work.
Also did 100 push ups, 100 body weight squats. 
For this month, you commit to running at least a little every day.  You commit to at least 50 push ups and at least 50 body weight squats.  Everyday.  That’s the minimum.
Operation Don’t Let the Universe Down Day 1 is in the can. 

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