Monday, January 2, 2012

year end...

It’s 2012!  Let’s see, how did 2011 go?

Swam 24 miles.
Biked over 2068 miles.
Ran 1632 miles.
Hours spent working out 451.

I only completed 7 events this year.  Last year I had that doubled.  However the events were bigger this year, focusing more on quality distance.  I did two 50 milers.  One 100k.  A half iron and a full iron.  I ran my age on my birthday and spent NYE running a 50k.  It was about a good a year as I could have hoped for, working two jobs and having little to no time.  I even managed to place in a couple of my events.  And one of the greatest moments of the year was winning the Dances with Dirt 50 mile run.  I exceeded my goals for the year and it was magical.
The only thing I’m officially signed up for at this point is the Leadville 100.  I plan to do at least two 100 mile runs this year.  With a couple of 50k’s, 50 milers and 100k’s thrown in there.  I hope to do my first ultra cycling event.  I hope to be healthier.  I hope to drink more.  I hope to say yes more.  I hope to make new friends.  I hope to inspire.  I hope to live my life w/ the volume turned all the way up.   I hope to burn the candle from both ends.  I hope to run mountains.  I hope to become a superhero.  I hope to strip my life down to the bare essentials.  I hope to not compromise myself or my goals for anyone else. I hope for a lot.  So here’s to hoping.  I hope…

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  1. you already inspire. :D Hope away! It makes you amazing!