Sunday, February 6, 2011

what matters most is how well you walk through the fire.

weekly wrap up

miles:  136
time: 9hr 49 min
rest days: 2

wasn't planning on the 2 rest days but sometimes my body tells me otherwise.  i work on my feet for about 45 hours a week so i'm not able to train as hard as i'd like to most days.  it's pretty much physically impossible.  if i push myself really hard one week, i'm destroyed the next week and mentally and physically beat down.  so i've been trying to stay consistent w/ adequate rest time here and there.  i felt decent about my 16 mile run yesterday topped off w/ 33 on the bike.  today i ran 9 and biked biked an easy 18 but did 400 push ups.  i felt good in the sense that it was almost pain free.  been having issues w/ plantar fasciitis which keeps me from running sometimes.  today's workout was spread out throughout the day while writing, hustling a bit and watching the game.  overall a decent week.  and always looking forward.  i pretty much have my whole year's races planned out and i'm looking forward to tearin it up...starting on March 26th--Chicago Lakefront 50k.

here's a couple of books i've been reading.  man, i can't believe Keith Richards is still alive.  i thought the same when i read Iggy's bio.  those guys have superhuman blood.  his book is a good read though and very well written.  i love to hear the old stories from the legendary guys that paved their own way. 

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