Thursday, February 3, 2011

for the record

my two favorite authors.  hands down.  no contest.  complete opposite writing styles in all ways possible.  probably would have hated each other and ended up in a fist fight.  still my favorites.  i don't even know who i would be if i had not stumbled upon these guys.  thank you thank you...


  1. Just discovered that you had a blog (thanks to your Facebook post). I don't think I ever told you what I thought of that Bukowski book you gave me. I was disheartened at first; the early goings were not my style. Glad I forced myself to keep reading. Guessing it was at least somewhat chronological. Went from being turned off to being engrossed and very moved. In case I never properly thanked you then...thank you.

    Haven't read any Wolfe yet. I'm ankle deep in ULYSSES now it might be a while.

  2. thanks pretty new...obviously. Buk is the man--no two ways about it. glad you got into it. his novels are as good or better than his poetry.
    ankle deep in ULYSSES huh? that's a good way to put it. that one took me a while and i'm STILL mulling it over. liked Finnegans Wake better i guess but James Joyce leaves me wondering what i just read. he was an original for sure. glad to hear you're still fighting the good fight brother...

  3. Ankle deep in Ulysses? Wait until you are waist deep and see no way out!