Wednesday, July 3, 2013

b/f WS100

You go for a 4 mile run in the morning.  You attend the pre-race briefings and medical check in.  You meet many top level competitors.  This is ultra-world.  All things ultra.  It’s nice, almost relaxing.  You know this world. 
In the afternoon you drive to Sacramento to pick up crew.  Tawnya and Marty have been traveling all day and you haven’t seen them in a minute.  You hug and pound each other on the backs.  You stop for dinner.  There is either dive bars or super fancy restaurants to choose from.  You all opt for the $200 dinner.  You have one lucky Guinness b/f your three course meal.  You take a sip of Tawnya’s wine and it’s heavenly.  Blood of the gods.  You drive back to Squaw.  It’s dark by the time you guys get there.  In the morning, you run 100 miles. 

You spend a large portion of the day looking for a hotel as close to the start as possible.  All rooms have been booked well in advance.  You check the neighboring towns and they are all full as well.  You have no option but to check out the super expensive resorts that are right AT the start of the race but you expect them to be full as well.  Luck!  One suite left, a million dollars a night.  You take it for two nights.  You change into some running clothes and run the first 4.5 miles of the race, up the escarpment and back, totaling about 9 miles.  Then you rest.  You read and sit in the hot tub. 

You are up at 4 am.  You get to the airport on time and once you make it through security, a feeling of freedom washes over you.  You are free.  Broke.  Alive.  Flying by the seat of your pants for the next 5 days.  You are going to see some friends you haven’t seen for a while.  Friends you can actually trust.  They have been few and far between lately.  You are away from your worries.  You are going to run a hundred miles which may or may not bring about more problems.  When you come back, some will be there, some won’t.  But you are free. 
You fly.  You get a rental.  You drive to the wrong Squaw Valley.  Then you head to the right Squaw Valley.  That takes up most of the day.  Welcome to California. 

Pretty much rest and pack up.  You drop Roxy off w/ a friend who is watching her.  You are more ready than ever to run 100 miles. 

Bike 9 to and from work. 
Run 4.7 on lunch break at Lair O The Bear. 

Rest day.  You biked 9 to work but it was a rest day other than that.  You biked to work and on your lunch break you got to go to court to fight the charges brought against you by the plaintiff, Jacki Marie Philipps.  Born 6/03/1977.  Works at Place Bridge Academy, 7125 N. Cherry Creek Dr, Denver CO.  Filed for civil protection as a victim of the following:  Domestic abuse, stalking and physical assault, threat or other situation.  In her police report, Jacki Marie Philipps fabricates that you said: 
I will tear this place apart and fuck it up.  You have no idea who you are dealing with.  I will fuck you up.  You are trapped.  You are in a legal binding agreement.  Your family is not here to save you.  I’m going to cause you pain like you’ve never experienced.  You will know misery.  You have no idea what I’m capable of.  You should be scared.  I’m going to cause more pain and misery to you than you’ve ever experienced.  You are fucked Jacki, wait and see.
Jacki Marie Philipps reports that you were physically intimidating her by following her around the apartment.  She asked if you were going to hit her and you reportedly said, I’m too smart for that but you will feel a lot worse pain than that. 
Jacki Marie Philipps reports that you asked her to put in writing that she will not speak in the apartment, including on the phone.  You reportedly said that you will let her know when she is allowed to speak again. 
Jacki Marie Philipps reports that you drove by the place she was staying, slowly, seemingly looking for her.
Everything above was written in her handwriting.  It broke your heart.  A month ago you trusted this person.  Not one word of truth.
And after all of that, guess who doesn’t show up to court today.  Since you are the only one that shows up, the case is thrown out the window.  Liars have a hard time finishing the fights they start when they don’t have a leg to stand on.  Down deep, she knows the truth.  She knows she lied.  She knows what she is.

You run / hike Mt. Sanitas three times.  Once you hike it w/ a friend.  The second two times you run it by yourself.  Beautiful day out!  Bon dia.  A week until WS100!

It’s Saturday.  You constantly have to remind yourself to take your foot off the throttle.  You run 12 miles in the sun w/ no shirt.  You spend an hour strength training and foam rolling and stretching. 

Bike commute 9 miles.  Rest day. 

You are so close to WS, you can smell it. 
AM:  you ran 6.7 miles w/ a few pick ups.
PM:  bike 9

You manage to fit in some cross training in the morning.  Stretching, push ups, core work, foam rolling etc.  At lunch you run up Green Mountain in Lakewood and see an Anton Krupicka / Nick Clark look alike.  It seems they’re everywhere our here…

You haven’t been taken to jail yet.  Thank the good Lord above.  Today you ran about 8 miles.  Biked 9.  Life has turned into stress and paranoia. 

You decide to go for a 2.5 mile shakeout run in the pm.  You decide to go downtown, which you never do.  You run right by the only person in the world that has a restraining order on you.  She’s having cocktails outside on the sidewalk and you ran by close enough to touch her.  Well w/in your 150 yards.  You reckon jail is in the night’s outlook. 

Ran 21 miles w/ the big dogs, south of Denver.  They are all scoping out the Dirty Fork 50 course.  You knew they’d be going fast and it’d be a good push for you b/f a taper.  You all run hard.  It was fantastic and that’s all there is to say about that.  Taper starts now.  50 miles this week.  Like a vacation!

Ran 11.8 miles. 
PM:  18 miles on the mountain bike.

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