Monday, May 21, 2012


5/19/12  Saturday 8:33p
Bike 3 miles to work and 2 to the grocery store. 

5/18/12  Friday 11:59p
Today you did an easy 10 kilometers on the trail.  It felt like heaven.  Everything is in order for you to try the Rockford marathon on Sunday.
At night, you go to the fights in Madison w/ a few friends.  The National Guard put on some fights (Fight me MMA).  They were by far the worst fights you’ve ever seen.  The fight promoter said something to the effect of / We don’t wanna see a couple of sweaty guys rolling around on the ground, we wanna see them fight! / --so every time the fight went to the ground, they stood them up.  It was terrible.  But the tickets were free and you still had a blast, getting out of town for the night…

5/17/12  Thursday  8:59p
Rest day from running.
3 mile commute.
15 minutes worth of planks w/ the boss at work.
Today you met Dusty Olson, the guy who inspired Scott Jurek to start running (and gave him the nickname Jurker (which he said began as Jurk-off)).  He was a very cool guy w/ tons of good stories.  He has crewed for Scott during nearly all of his huge adventures.  And he hooked you up w/ three pair of Scott running shoes.  What a cool day!
You also signed up (last minute) for the Rockford marathon.  You won’t race it, you’ll just run it as a training run.

5/16/12  Wednesday 7:37p
Day off from work today and the foot is comin around!
14 miles on moderate trails.
2100 yards (approximately)  across Lake Ripley and back.
Solid adventure day w/ a friend.  After all the exercise, you went to Cam-Rock Sports and Café.  What a cool place.  Great menu and ambiance, coffee, bike rentals, 100 different beers, soon to be kayak and canoe rentals w/ shuttle services to pick you up, Frisbee golf, cool employees.  What a cool little shop!  They even let the two of you bring your dogs in and hang w/ the black lab in the back while you ate!

5/15/12  Tuesday  11:04p

No real exercise today.  Rest day.  Although you did bike 3 miles to and from work on the fixie and did 10 minutes worth of planks w/ the boss at work.  1 minute up, 1 minute rest.

5/14/12  Monday  9:52p

Bike 3 mile commute.
5 min plank.
Weights for half hour.
Run three. 

You are just coming back from the injury and starting to incorporate some small runs.  The Achilles was a little fussy tonight, probably d/t running 10k yesterday morning.  You’d better take tomorrow off from running.

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