Saturday, October 29, 2011

Rockport Trail 10k

woke up this morning feeling about as ready as ever for a 10k effort.  i have to admit...i was a little more nervous for this one than i usually am for most ultra distances.  i felt like people were expecting me to win this one, mostly b/c it's a shorter distance event.  but speed is not my forte.  i'm better at just putting my head down and going long distances all day long.  but i was looking forward to a 10k for a change.  my year is winding down and i've mainly been running stress free w/ friends lately.  not really training for anything.  it's been nice.  i enjoy this time of year.  there's much more time to focus on other things, like home projects and hanging out w/ friends that i'm normally too busy to hang w/.  since the race is only a mile and a half away from my house...i ran there.  i took off this morning thinking to myself / just run to have fun.  who cares?!
i run these trails all the time.  this is where i've spent countless hours w/ my dog, running, sweating, bleeding our hearts out week after week.  i love these trails and i love coming out to support the "smaller" local events, if my schedule allows it.  so when the air-horn went off this morning, this race was no different from any other race for me.  there were about six people ahead of me and they looked fast.  right off the bat i'm thinkin / there's no way i can beat these guys / but i slowly start picking people off as the miles tick by.  by mile three i was by myself in the woods.  i could hear someone behind me and it didn't sound like he was breathing very hard.  shortly after, he passed me.  and it was evident that he had a full tank and was feeling good today.  he slowly pulled ahead and i just didn't have it in me to keep up.  congrats to him though.  he is a fast man that wins many of the local races around here. 
so i put my head down and fell into a comfortable pace and just did my thing.  i missed a turn at some point and ended up running seven point something miles.  no big deal.  it was still a really fun morning.  i fell once and i rolled an ankle once. was officially a trail run!  my official time was 45:55.  stuck around and talked w/ friends for a while afterwards.  won a dehydrator!  then ran home.  when i got home, i think Roxy could smell where i'd been and was jealous.  she gave me a little attitude so i had to take her to the dog park :)

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