Friday, August 26, 2011

the road to IM WI.

i'm about two weeks out from Ironman Wisconsin.  this is my first full IM and i have no expectations and have no idea what i'm capable of.  my only real goals are to run the marathon w/out many walk breaks and to finish while it's still light outside.  if i can accomplish those goals, i'll be a happy man.  i'm not shooting for any certain time.  but training has been going well.  i know anything can happen out there and i'm not underestimating this race at all.  this weekend will be my last big effort weekend.  i'm doing a three day training block and then i have a ten day taper scheduled.  TAPER MADNESS!!
this post will be short.  mostly b/c i'm tired.  today was 111 miles on the bike and then a 7 mile brick run.  i felt strong throughout most of the day.  had some low points on the bike but that's expected.  i feel like i'm ready and everything's falling into place nicely.  but like i said, anything can happen out there.  i sign up for these things w/out any expectations.  i just want to have a good time and have a long, relaxing day.  so wish me luck.  i'm really looking forward to this day.  it'll be a huge celebration for me.  a celebration of Life!  cheers...

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