Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Ironman Racine 70.3

i certainly wasn't nervous for this race.  i knew i wasn't a contender.  i am no triathlete.  i just love pushing myself for a lot of hours.  and this was just a practice race b/f the full Iron in September.  so when the pros ran into the water and took off swimming, the hour and a half that i had to wait for my wave seemed to take a long time.  i just wanted to get going .  the day was already getting hot.  i broke a sweat just trying to put the wetsuit on.  so i hung out for an hour and a half in the water, waiting.  oh and for some reason, the 34-39 year old males had to wear pink swim caps this year.  so...there was that. 
i'm not much of a swimmer.  i get nervous swimming in groups of people.  so i stayed away from the pack and just took my time and tried not to think about it.  it went by relatively fast.  45 minutes later, i peeled off the pink swim cap (b/f the photographers got me) and ran to shore.  i could feel my HR a little high but jogged it into transition.  peeled the wetsuit, threw on shoes, helmet and shades and ran the bike out.  mounted and took off w/ a fire burning strong.  i felt good and was ready to breeze through 56 miles.  but it was 96 degrees by this point of the morning and i felt every bit of it.  i kept on strong and felt the drip of sweat coming off my chin turn into a pour.  it was going to be rough.  i drank five bottles of fluid throughout the ride.  took six salt / electrolyte capsules and forced down four or five gels.  i was pushing hard and began to get dizzy at points.  i'd back off and hydrate a bit.  then something in my head would say / this is the point when a strong cyclist would drop the hammer / and up off the saddle i'd go and i'd hammer it.  i passed people all day.  only a few passed me.  but i'd literally been one of the last people out of the water, so that was expected.  i cheered for other riders and cheered back at spectators.  mostly to keep MY spirits up.  i cruised into transition w/ a lot less knee pain that i had the year b/f.  racked the bike and talked to a guy who was also going through transition. 
right behind ya brother / i called out.  he was in my way a bit. 
oh sorry.
no worries.  how ya feelin?
oh, i don't know.  it's a little hot and i'm about to run my first half marathon. 
you're first?
that's awesome dude!  go get em! / and i took off.  i hoped my run would be the final nail to seal up the days event and give myself a good time.  but after about a hundred yards, i knew my legs were tired.  i'm not sure if it was the heat, pushing myself too hard on the bike, or running a 50 mile ultra the week b/f.  i'm not here to offer excuses.  but it was tough and i ran slow and just tried to hang on.  a two hour half marathon is pretty slow for me.  i jogged it and wouldn't let myself walk, like so many others.  i put my head down and gutted it out.  98 degrees and most of the race on a hot blacktop.  it was grueling.  but that's how i like it.  i put ice down my jersey and in my hat whenever i could.  i drank fluids at every aid station.  13 miles isn't usually much of a run for me but this was tough.  i crossed the finish line five hours and 37 minutes after i had ran into the water.  it was HOT.  i was TIRED.  i hadn't come close to placing but i had a good time and it was PRACTICE for a bigger event that's coming up.  and the longer the event, the better i tend to do.  so far...

here's a few pics and a dubious video of my finish...

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