Monday, June 20, 2011

active water

Ironman Wisconsin training has officially begun.  i have been spending more time in the pool and was able to get out for a 100 mile bike ride today and a 4 mile brick run afterwards.  i was extremely tired during the run.  HR was a little high.  but everything is right on target. 
i am now running to raise money for an important non profit organization called Active Water.  the money goes directly to Nambia, Africa and helps out a community that has no access to sanitary water.  the women in the village have to walk six miles a day for unsanitary water.  it's very disconcerting to think about.  just living in the US, we are in the top 90% of the world, financially.  this is something most of us have never had to deal w/.  if you are reading this, please donate to this very important organization.  only $25 provides one African w/ water for life!  any little amount helps.  here is my page.

please help my important cause.  i will be doing at least 3 more races b/f the end of the year for Active Water: 

Dances With Dirt 50 mile run.  July 9th
Racine Ironman 70.3.  July 17th (one week after my 50 mile run)
Wisconsin Ford Ironman  September 11th.

please support!  anything helps.  thanks for reading.

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