Sunday, March 27, 2011

Chicago Lakefront 50k

my first ultra for the year! it was a relatively flat course but it was a perfect way to test yourself at the beginning of the season. it was a cold run w/ some crazy wind coming in off Lake Michigan, as the entire run was along the lake. my plan was to run 8 min miles all day and see how i felt. but that just seemed to slow. i ran 7:40's for the first marathon or so and then started to get tired. the last 6 miles i had to dig pretty deep and i was moving pretty slow but i pulled it off.  i finished 10th overall and 4th for my age.  good to see a few people i know and recognized from other runs in the past. good to slap hands w/ them as we passed each other on the out and backs. overall it was a really good day. couldn't stick around long afterward b/c once i stopped running, my wet shirt and jacket didn't mix well w/ that wicked wind. my teeth were chattering five minutes after i stopped. no that time i was on a serious mission for some food!! oh yeah...PR by 81 minutes!!

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